Auto Recycling Systems Private Limited

Building a better world

We have dreams to revolutionise our industry. Auto Recycling Systems Private Limited is setting the benchmark for auto recycling processes and practices worldwide.

Global Research & Sourcing

We Supply and Deliver products of the utmost quality

throughout UAE, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Korea, Singapore, Brazil, Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Greece, China.

ARS buys ferrous and non-ferrous metal from metal dealers, auto wreckers, manufacturers who generate industrial metal and others who generate obsolete metal. ARS processes the metal for resale through a variety of methods including sorting, shredding, cutting & baling.

All products of ARS have to meet a very high standard, set by stringent quality specifications and norms. All process parameters and conditions are developed and constantly monitored throughout the manufacturing process.

ARS is able to provide superior pricing, service, and convenience in metal recycling. Wherever you are in the world, we can comfortably reach you from our offices in New Delhi, India.

Global Research & Sourcing

The ARS Difference


Our executive team has combined industry experience of more than 20-years. We have a hands-on understanding of the metals trading industry. The benefit for you is that you deal with people with lots of innovative ideas who are respected for their expertise.

Cost Effective

Because of our exceptional consumer base in Southeast Asia as well as Korea, Taiwan, Pakistan and India, we are able to offer very competitive prices to all our clients around the world.


Our recycling methods are sustainable, now and into the future. Recycling 1 MT of metal scrap uses up to 95% less energy as compared to making 1 MT of metal from raw material.

We are Licensed

We carry the highest licenses and regulations in the industry. The Licenses ensure quality control measures in chemical analysis, measurement of mechanical and metallurgical properties and close dimensional tolerances as per applicable codes / standards / specification.

Quality Control

The quality policy is very simple to perform work of the highest attainable quality in accordance with applicable codes / standards / specification and customers specification. Our products are subjected to various quality testing such as Eddy Current test, Hydrostatic test, UTS, Hardness test, Air under water test, Dimensional test, visual test etc.


Transportation is a key element of international business and in order to serve our customers efficiently we handle all your inland and ocean freight under one roof.